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Program #31 Conversations with Dr. Yoshikawa (Physical Therapist)- Exercise Tips For Care-givers

Listen to helpful and quick tips to stay in shape while caring for your loved one. Dr. Yoshikawa (Physical Therapist) also discuses creative ways to stay active and elaborates on why it is important to prioritize a personal exercise routine as part of a safe care-giving approach.

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Rebeca | Lifestyle Improvement Radio

Rebeca is the host of Lifestyle Improvement Radio on KKOL 1300 AM. The show airs live every Sunday from 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM.

As a self-care professional and full-time caregiver, Rebeca knows how alone it can feel. That is why she created a radio program just for you:
a parent, a son, a daughter, a spouse, or even a professional in the role of care-giving.